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The Benefits of Cold-Rolled Steel

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At Kit Buildings UK, we’re here to create storage solutions that last a lifetime. If you’re adding storage space to your home or expanding your business, we craft strong, lightweight structures that have a 50-year design life. But how do we do that? We use cold-rolled, fully galvanised steel (AKA cold-formed steel). Even though according to the World Steel Association there are over 3,500 variations of steel, this brilliant material has dominated the commercial construction market for years. It’s low-cost, time-effective, and a simple way to expand your work site or residential storage space. Explore the real benefits of using cold-rolled steel framing.

Cold-Rolled Steel is a Money Saving Solution

Cold-rolled steel is a cost-effective building material that can help you cut back at all stages of the construction process.

Requiring fewer concrete foundations and post-install labour, cold-rolled steel helps reduce the overall material and time consumption of new projects. Off-site fabrication improves quality control while cutting back the time required on-site and the associated labour costs. Projects can be completed in a shorter time frame, allowing your business to return to what it does best.

Cold-Rolled Steel is a Resilient Material

Corrosion, mould, and vermin-resistant, cold-rolled steel buildings are impervious to environmental factors. They protect your goods and machinery from wild wind, dampness and the local wildlife – preventing financial loss from improper storage. Plus, with a tight structure, the steel won’t expand, contract, or crack with the seasons.

Cold-formed steel is durability, non-combustible and resistant to a number of bombardments, including natural disasters and construction blasts. Its strength is 20% greater than that of hot-formed steel, with increased security, and a lower environmental footprint.

Cold-Rolled Steel Delivers a High Precision Design and Installation

Cold-rolled steel offers a smooth, shiny surface for a sleek, professional design. No matter the use (residential, agricultural, or industrial) a cold-rolled steel building will fit right in. And, should any cosmetic damage occur due to fire or other external accidents, it’s quick and easy to fix.

Cold-rolled steel is made for easy installation. It’s lightweight making it easy to transport and assemble, whether off-site or on-site, in any weather – meaning your project can go ahead regardless of the forecast. Plus, we design our steel buildings using advanced structural and detailing software, creating precise components that fit together without the faff of cutting or drilling.

Cold Rolled Steel is Created with the Future in Mind

Made with at least 25% recycled steel (sometimes up to 70%), cold-rolled steel buildings meet the sustainability requirements for all major green buildings. They use less energy and resources during the initial build process and have a reduced impact on the environment once erected.

The strength and durability of cold-rolled steel buildings allow them to stand for decades. However, when the time comes to demolish the construction or replace the materials, the cold-rolled steel can be recycled and repurposed again and again without losing its integrity.

Have more questions? Our team has years of experience providing high-quality steel-framed buildings. We’re experts in cold-rolled steel. Give us a call at 01576 227150 or complete our quote builder form and we can supply you with a quote back in 24 hours. Along with your quote, we will provide you with two-dimensional drawings of your building saving you time and money.

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